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What You May Need to Know

ILSB Future Site Plan

Construction of the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, beginning in May 2017, will continue for approximately 24 months with an anticipated building opening in the Fall of 2019. During the course of construction, certain activities will require adjustment to pedestrian and vehicular routes and limitation on access to certain areas in the surrounding area.

Impacts During Construction:
  • The Commons Circle will be closed to personal vehicles beginning on or about May 1st 2017. A new turn around circle will be constructed around the pond near the Physics Building before the start of the fall 2017 semester.
  • Vehicular routes along Commons Drive, Park Road will remain unchanged for the majority of the project duration. The campus community will be notified of any changes in vehicular patterns in this area.
  • Access to and egress from the Commons Garage will be prohibited on the west and south sides. An accessible route from the garage will be provided from the north side.
  • An accessible pedestrian route will be provided between the Commons Garage, Physics Building and The Commons.
  • Commuter student (A) parking spaces on the north side of Commons Drive will be eliminated for the 24 month construction duration.
  • Access to and parking within the Commons Garage & Lot 1 will not be affected.
  • Deliveries to the Commons loading dock will continue with minor adjustments to routes.
  • Deliveries to the Physics loading dock will continue with possible minor adjustments to routes.
  • Deliveries to the Quad through Commons Drive will be prohibited.
  • The service access road between the Academic Services Building, Commons Garage and the tennis courts will be off-line for the duration of the construction.
  • Deliveries to the Pool and RAC will continue via an alternate route.