Initiating a Project


To initiate a construction or renovation project, a Project Request Form needs to be completed and sent to the Director of Design and Construction Services.

The Project Request Form (PRF) can be downloaded by click here.

PRFs should be submitted to:
102 Facilities Management Building
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
emailed to:


While this website highlights some large and costly improvements to the campus, the majority of projects completed by Facilities Management are facility modifications costing less than $1 million. These types of projects consist of teaching facilities upgrades, faculty startups, landscape improvements, and office relocations, among others. To initiate a project for design and/or construction a Project Request Form will need to be submitted to Facilities Management. If you have questions or comments regarding this process, please feel free to contact us at 410-455-3219.


The Project Request

•   A fund source, area of proposed work, and detailed project description should be included with the request.

•   Potential fund sources include central, SGA, department, foundation, grant, DRIF, and excess indirect cost funds.

•   The PRF must be signed by the requestor and their department head.


What One Should Keep in Mind

There are several stages to a project, and depending on the scale of the work, each stage takes a fair bit of time. For those project ideas originating at Week 0, the earliest anticipated date of completion is at Week 38. This scenario assumes that the funding is in hand and university approvals have been granted.

Projects are addressed on a first come basis upon review by the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Please be advised that there is typically a backlog of projects. Once the form is received, requestors will be contacted regarding your project request as soon as possible.

Most projects will require at least one initiation meeting to determine scale, scope, impacts, schedule, and funding. If conceptual planning, programming, or budgeting development is needed, additional time will need to be scheduled for project planning work.