Frequently Asked Questions


How do I request services?

Facilities Management has a system in place, called ReADY, that allows campus users to request services. For step-by-step instructions on placing a request, click here.

What if I need to place a request but am not registered with the ReADY system?

Anyone with UMBC login credentials can place a request. If you have questions or need assistance call Work Control at 410-455-2550.

How does my department initiate a construction or renovation project?

A Project Request Form (PRF) needs to be completed and submitted to the Director of Design and Construction Services. For more information click here. If you have additional questions please call Design and Construction Services at 410-455-3541.

How long does it take to complete requests involving construction or renovation of spaces?

Depending on the size and the impact of the work, planning, design and construction projects can range from one to two years. In general, if work is to be initiated over the summer and involves a contractor (and in many cases an architect/and or engineer) a request will need to be made and funding committed to by September 15th of the preceeding year.

Are there regulations for parking bicycles on campus?

Facilities Management has regulations for parking bicycles. These regulations protect university property and the safety of pedestrians on campus. The regulations can be found by clicking here.