Facilities Management has been very busy transforming and expanding the campus.

Over the last ten years the university has renovated or added these facilities:

Residential: 180-bed addition to Patapsco Hall, Potomac Hall renovation, elevator cores in Chesapeake and Susquehanna Halls, the renovation of Terrace, Hillside and West Hill Apartments (21 buildings), and a new Apartments Community Center.

Athletics and Recreation: A new UMBC Event Center, a new ball court and recreation field for student use, and a new stadium turf field.

Parking: A new Lot 29, new Lot 9, new Administration Building Service lot, additions to Lot 1 and Lot 3, modifications to the Administration Drive Garage, and 18 electric vehicle charging stations.

Roadways and Paths: Pedestrian improvements at numerous crossings of Hilltop Circle, the Campus Entrance project, aesthetic improvements to UMBC Boulevard, and new high-efficiency LED lighting and landscaping along all roads and paths.

Academic: A new Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, the new Performing Arts and Humanities Building, partial renovation of the Fine Arts Building, and classroom and lecture hall upgrades in many buildings.

Stormwater Features: In addition to the refurbishment of the Library Pond, the university has installed numerous stormwater management micro facilities throughout campus to continue protecting the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.


Current Major Projects

Currently, there are numerous new and ongoing construction projects that will continue improving our facilities and the campus. Some of these facilities are highlighted below:

Sherman Hall Renewal
New Campus Electrical Feeder
Lecture Hall Renovations
Spring Grove Site Improvements
Health Services and Counseling Building
The Retriever Activity Center (RAC) Renewal
The UMBC Stadium Upgrades Project
Campus Utility Upgrades Project