Facilities Asset Inventory


Facilities Management is responsible for developing and maintaining an asset information system for university facilities, infrastructure, and grounds.

The facilities asset inventory system includes:

•   Real-world CAD model of the campus which includes topography, environmental features, utilities, building outlines, and vehicular and pedestrian features

•   Ortho-imagery and aerial photos showing the development of campus since the 1960’s

•   3D model of the campus in Google Sketchup

•   Floor plans of all campus buildings, as well as original construction drawings

•   Space inventory database which captures attributes such as room size, function, assignment, and capacity

•   Building inventory database which records the age, size, and condition of all campus buildings

•   Other databases, including exterior signage, classroom seating, and parking inventory

•   Archival records of each renovation and construction project

An Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) is under development to integrate the campus’ graphic and tabular data. To date, FM’s planning staff has documented the characteristics and mapped the precise location of all of the university’s buildings, exterior facilities, landscape elements and underground utilities. We are in the process of developing an interface which will allow campus users to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize a collaborative set of data in new ways. Upon completion of this system, UMBC expects to realize cost savings, increase operational efficiencies, provide better access of available data to the campus community, and positively inform decision-making.