Our in-house workforce of master electricians, licensed mechanics, skilled technicians and craftspeople are dedicated to keeping each building’s mechanical, electrical, life safety, and plumbing systems operational.

 Commons Atrium
Building Maintenance

Facilities Management is responsible for the responsive and efficient delivery of day-to-day maintenance and repair of UMBC’s buildings and related systems. The dedicated staff professionally and quickly responds to each emergency to minimize impact to building occupants.

Work Control Center

The Facilities Management Work Control Center processes all service requests.The helpful staff manage the flow of work within Facilities Management, coordinating and documenting the varied requests for services. Work Control personnel expedite work requests and coordinate with the Building Maintenance Shops to determine scheduling and priority levels, after assisting campus customers to identify, clarify and document their requests and issues.


Work Control is responsible for:

•   Facilitating customer service requests – over 19,000 work orders were processed this past fiscal year

•   Coordinating and monitoring requests for over 15,000 keys

•   Coordinating the campus notification of utility outages and service disruptions

•   Coordinating both emergency and preventive maintenance requests for each campus building


Grounds Maintenance
Operations and Maintenance Services