Space Planning

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Facilities Management responds to space needs for office, research and teaching spaces stemming from growth in enrollment, changes in programs and pedagogy, and campus strategic plans.

Successful space planning results from not only the collection and organization of data, but from focused analysis and the thoughtful graphic representation of options. This allows campus leaders to make informed decisions regarding existing and proposed space.

As an example, in recent years FM planning staff have:

•   developed detailed projections of space needs by type and use of space

•   conducted studies to determine the most efficient utilization of existing space

•   prepared studies to determine the most feasible attributes of a new facility, like the Event Center or an existing facility, like The Commons

•   conducted an extensive study of the impact of moving departments out of the Fine Arts Building to the Performing Arts Building, leading to phased movements of over twenty programs and departments on campus

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In 2016 the planning staff undertook an extensive analysis of space use on campus to determine areas where existing spaces fall short of our projected needs in the next ten years. This effort helped guide the development of the 2018 Facilities Master Plan.

The planning staff also supports the management of the campus’ limited space through enforcement of the UMBC Space Management Policy, application of established space guidelines, and managing UMBC’s Space Management Committee.

Guidelines for Office Space Allocation at UMBC

The Space Allocation Request Process chart

Research Space Guidelines