UMBC Stadium Upgrades Project

Facilities Management is initiating upgrades to the UMBC Stadium Complex, that includes the stadium, Alumni Field (baseball field) and the Softball Stadium. The project will greatly enhance the fan experience and will improve facilities for student athletes, competitions, and summer camps. It will address as many of the security, accessibility, structural, and functional issues that patrons and student athletes currently endure, to the extent funding permits, including:

  • making repairs to the existing bleacher stands
  • installing a Press Box to serve the stadium field
  • providing a new Fan Amenities Building
  • creating a more functional and visually appealing entrance into the stadium complex
  • providing for equipment storage
  • improving security and control of the complex
  • ensuring that services, amenities, and seating are accessible to persons with disabilities
  • installing new lights and dugouts at the Softball Stadium


The stadium will have a pressbox to control events and broadcast competitions. Other stadium improvements include extensive repairs to the bleacher structure, circulation paths, bleacher seating, as well as greatly improved access and seating for fans with physical disabilities.


A new fan amenities building will be located to better serve all of the fields of the Stadium Complex. It will provide restrooms, concessions, ticketing, and fan services offices. The building will be fully accessible to use by patrons in wheelchairs and will create a new gateway into the complex.