Campus Planning assists the university in making sound decisions regarding the use of existing campus facilities and determining the need and requirements for new facilities.


Staffed with architects, engineers, and technical support professionals, the planning team:

  • develops and maintains databases of spaces and facilities, allowing for informed decisions regarding campus facilities and growth
  • provides analysis of how our campus facilities are currently used, ensuring the fair and efficient use of space
  • produces building programs for new and renovated buildings, reflecting the strategic needs of campus users
  • conducts studies of utilities, bicycling, housing, parking, classrooms, maximizing efficient utilization of resources
  • plans and coordinates improvements that remove physical barriers, making the campus more accessible to students, faculty and staff with disabilities
  • prepares long-range plans, successfully guiding campus development

The following links address in more detail the processes and tools employed to assist the campus in the use and development of campus facilities.

Project Planning and Programming

Campus Master Planning

Space Planning

Capital Planning

Facilities Asset Management