Operations and Maintenance


Facilities Management’s highly qualified and dedicated Operations and Maintenance staff pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service through clear communication, teamwork, and employing appropriate skills and technology.

Our Services at a Glance

The Auto Shop (x53128) maintains and repairs over 150 university-owned vehicles, including 10 electric cars, and 47 specialized pieces of equipment from backhoes to manlifts.

The HVAC Shop (x52984) maintains and repairs over 400 incremental heating/cooling units, over 200 building air supply and return systems and associated controls, and over 80 research and instructional fume hoods.

The Paint Shop (x53089) maintains over 3 million sq. feet of walls and ceiling surfaces throughout the campus, campus windows, window treatments, and non-IT classroom equipment.

The Plumbing Shop (x53088) maintains over 2,500 toilet, sinks, and showers, and over 2 miles of natural gas lines and countless linear feet of irrigation and building piping.

The Electrical Shop (x56268) maintains the complex electrical systems on campus, from large transformers, to lighting and outlets.

Steamfitters (x51229) maintain and repair over 3 miles of high-temperature hot water and chilled water piping, over 60 high-temperature hot water converters, as well as pumps and valves throughout the campus.

The Sign Shop (x52761) maintains, fabricates, and installs signage for special campus events, interior and exterior wayfinding signage for identity, circulation and accessibility, and parking regulation.

Other campus units address these facilities issues:

Safety and security issuesCampus Police at 410-455-5555

Data, telecommunication and computingDepartment of Information Technology (DoIT)

Environmental safety issues Environmental Safety & Health at 410-455-2918