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Tree and Vegetation Conservation Efforts

July 2, 2014 8:37 PM
Throughout the planning and construction of the Campus Entrance Project, facilities management has advocated the importance of a healthy balance of campus growth with tree and vegetation conservation. 

Prior to any construction, all trees, shrubs and plantings that could be successfully transplanted, have been, and more trees will be added as part of the final project design.

All trees on the construction site were surveyed to assess their condition, and, in several instances, project designs were modified to ensure minimal disruption to forestation. Trees and plantings identified for removal during this project are recycled as mulch that will be used on campus.

Also, as part of the project's planning and development, the design team included a certified arborist to manage proper tree protection during construction and supervise branch and root pruning, barrier fencing and tree trunk protection. A landscape architect led the design effort and is working with project contractors to produce both an attractive and functional result.

Through careful stewardship of our trees, including during this project, UMBC maintains a surplus on our Forest Conservation Bank; a plan that we manage with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
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