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Open Forum on Campus Construction Projects (5/1)

April 21, 2015 2:17 PM
Facilities Management will be providing an open forum to provide details about all upcoming and ongoing campus construction projects. The open forum will be held in ITE Room 104 (Lecture Hall 7) from 12-12:50 p.m., Friday, May 1, 2015.

The projects to be discussed affect the entire campus population and will be of interest to the majority of staff, faculty and students on campus.

The New Campus Entrance
This project alters the intersections at UMBC Blvd., Research Park Drive, and Hilltop Circle to incorporate traffic circles for improved safety and better traffic flow. Pedestrian plazas adjacent to the RAC and Admin Building are being improved, as well.

PAHB Stormwater Facility (Pond) Renovation
This project performs upgrades to enhance the function and appearance of the pond. The perimeter walls will be replaced, the pond deepened, and the landscape upgraded to provide a more functional stormwater runoff, as well as a more pleasing gathering space.

The Fine Arts Building Renovation
This project renovates space vacated by departments relocating into the new Performing Arts and Humanities Building. The upper floors of the north and south wings will be renovated to accommodate other departments and building systems will be updated for more efficient operation.

Apartment Renovations
This project renovates West Hills Apartments, the last phase of renovation of the apartment complexes. Hillside and Terrace Apartments were completed in previous phases.

The Event Center
The Event Center and Arena is proposed to be approximately 162,000 gross sq. ft. The center will be a multipurpose event facility to host a variety of revenue and non-revenue generating activities that serve both the University and local community needs. The facility will also serve as the home for the Athletic Department and the varsity basketball and volleyball programs. The project site is located along the east side of Hilltop Circle, opposite Commons Drive.

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building
This project will seamlessly connect teaching and research activities to enhance and stimulate collaborative approaches to advance the State's biotechnology industry and increase the number of STEM graduates. The building, located on the site of the Academic Services Building, will provide approximately 131,000 gross sq. ft. of flexible and adaptable research and education spaces to support current and future interdisciplinary life science programs.

Administration Building Green Roof
The France-Merrick Foundation has provided a grant to support building a vegetated roofing system/green roof on the Administration Building. This project will illustrate the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Although access to the roof will be limited, it will provide additional opportunities for academic research, teaching and learning.

Thank you for your participation in this information sharing opportunity.
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