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Health Services and Counseling Building

Building Module Delivery & Campus Impacts (5/21/21 - 6/1/21)

Facilities Management is pleased to announce that the modules comprising The Center for Well-Being, which have been constructed off campus, will be delivered and installed on campus May 24th through May 28th.

A viewing area will be provided for those interested in witnessing the installation first hand. It will be located along Center Road near Chesapeake Hall and is noted on the attached diagram.

Installation of the forty-six tractor-trailer sized modules will require closure of select roads and parking lots May 21st through June 1st.

·        Center Road north of the Health Services & Counseling Building will become two way traffic May 21st through June 1st similar to the traffic pattern during spring break. Access to the Y Preschool, Hillside apartments and UHS will be maintained.

·        Poplar Avenue inside Hilltop Circle will be closed May 21st through June 1st. There will be no parking on Poplar Avenue in this location. Vehicular access from Park Road to Poplar Avenue and out to Hilltop Circle will remain open except for short periods of time when the modules are transported through the area.

·        The north end of the Stadium Lot will be closed May 21st through May 28th.

·        Lot 23 will be closed May 21st through June 1st.

·        Select parking along Hilltop Circle, between Poplar and Walker Avenues, will be off-line May 21st through May 28th.

Signage will be posted throughout the area to help direct vehicles and pedestrians. No additional pedestrian walkway impacts are anticipated during this time. Please see the attached diagram depicting the extents of the work and impacts to campus described above. Visit the Facilities Management website for additional information about this and other University projects.

Accessibility is part of the design process, and we work in partnership with Accessibility and Disability Services which supports faculty, staff, students and visitors with disabilities. If you have a concern about accessibility, or want to inquire about a disability-based accommodation, please do so through their website.

Thank you for your patience as we work to maintain and enhance the UMBC campus.

Posted: May 14, 2021, 11:54 AM