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Sherman Hall Construction Update

February 12, 2024


Here’s a quick update on the construction progress at Sherman Hall. It’s been quiet outside because the focus was on gutting the interior of the building.  As you can see from the photo below, the floors are empty, and they have started marking the future wall, door, and window locations. 

Sometime in the Spring, the building envelope will be removed, floor by floor.  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment will arrive soon, and the utilities will start being installed on the interior.

There’s a LOT of work going on behind the scenes to keep this project on schedule!

·         The 3D electronic model of the entire facility is underway with all disciplines laying out their materials in relation to the structure, HVAC equipment, piping, ductwork, conduits, sprinkler piping, cable trays, lighting, etc… This effort helps to minimize conflicts when the physical items are installed.

·         Demolition of the piping under the courtyard is happening.

·         Product submittals and RFIs continue.

·         Procurement of materials is underway!

Thank you for your patience and I’m sorry for the noise!  Please bear with us. Our new Sherman Hall will be worth the inconveniences!

Posted: February 12, 2024, 2:29 PM